History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

The Bath-Naylor Funeral Home & Crematory of Pittsburg, Weir and Columbus, KS traces its roots back to 1900. In 1987 the Bath Funeral Home of Pittsburg (formerly the E. K. Smith Funeral Home); the Naylor Funeral Home of Weir and the Naylor-Quinn Funeral Home of Pittsburg (formerly the B. C. Morgan Funeral Home) merged to form the Bath-Naylor Funeral Homes of Pittsburg and Weir. The Naylor Funeral Home had a location in Scammon, Kansas from1924 to 1972 at which time the Weir and Scammon locations were combined at the Main Street location in Weir, KS. In 1987 a new building at 522 S. Broadway in Pittsburg was constructed which is the current home of the Pittsburg firm. In 1998 a crematory was constructed at the Bath-Naylor Funeral Home in Weir and the name was changed to the Bath-Naylor Funeral Home & Crematory of Pittsburg and Weir. Bath-Naylor is the only funeral home in the immediate four state area that has its own crematory facility. We do cremations for several area funeral homes as well as for our own. In 2001 the Bath-Naylor Funeral Home & Crematory was built on South Highway 69 in Columbus, KS. With this addition we are able to serve all of southeast Kansas, as well as parts of Missouri and Oklahoma.

Former funeral directors and owners that are now deceased include A. W. & Ann Naylor; E. K. Smith; Sim Wesonig; T. W. “Tom” & Nobie Bath; A. E. “Ned” Naylor; Ed & Frances Quinn and B. W. “Bob” Bath. In addition Doris Naylor, wife of Ned Naylor, currently retired and living at rural Weir, KS and Joy Bath Huffman, currently retired and living in Joplin, MO.

Our Valued Staff

  • Joe Naylor

    Joe Naylor, Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Sally Naylor

    Sally Naylor, Funeral Director

  • Shaun Jewell

    Shaun Jewell, Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • David Grimaldi

    David Grimaldi, Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Ashley Naylor-Long

    Ashley Naylor-Long, Business Manager & Funeral Director

  • Alyssa Hixon

    Alyssa Hixon, Funeral Director

  • Duane Elmore

    Duane Elmore, Assistant Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Ashlee Murray

    Ashlee Murray, Office Assistant at Pittsburg location

  • Alex Butler

    Alex Butler, Assistant Funeral Director

  • Anthony Morgan

    Anthony Morgan, Crematory Manager

  • Charlie Mallams

    Charlie Mallams, Funeral Support Staff

  • Ken Waltrip

    Ken Waltrip, Funeral Support Staff

  • Ryan Sumpter

    Ryan Sumpter, Funeral Support Staff

  • Walt Kennett

    Walt Kennett, Funeral Support Staff

  • Daryl Gaddy

    Daryl Gaddy, Funeral Support Staff

  • Brad Wells

    Brad Wells, Funeral Support Staff

  • Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, Funeral Support Staff

  • Debra Humble

    Debra Humble, Office Assistant at Weir location

  • Dorothy Oberbeck

    Dorothy Oberbeck, Office Assistant at Columbus location

  • Marsha Merando

    Marsha Merando, Office Assistant at Frontenac location

  • Kelli Parsons

    Kelli Parsons, Office Assistant at Pittsburg location

  • Saragene Rhuems

    Saragene Rhuems, Office Assistant at Frontenac location

  • Brandon Scholes

    Brandon Scholes, Highland Park Cemetery Manager